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Flowers with FLAIR

Someone said "How does she do that?". My answer, "I don't know, I just do!" When I start an arrangement of any sort, it's like a blank palette. I don't know what flowers I'm going to use, or how many, or what color...I just start. The creativity takes over and my mood determines colors that are bold and bright or soft and subtle. Those colors develop into a style of traditional, or contemporary, or maybe country with a contemporary flair, or gardeny with outdoorsy you see where I'm going with this? I don't have a direction when I begin. I let the flowers take me to wherever they want to go at that very moment. Same as any artist, sometimes I'm pleased and sometimes, not so much. In the end, every arrangement is made with FLAIR...MY Flair! Hopefully, MY flair brings a smile to someone's face as these flowers from "nowhere" sit on a table or beside a bed, sent from someone with love. My hopes are that they make the person that receives them just as happy as they made me at the beginning of that blank floral palette!

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